Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective communication channel between you and your customers. It provides one-to-one connection as you can personalize your email messages by addressing your customers’ names and sending them messages which are targeted to their interests.

Lower costs
Email marketing costs far less in terms of production time and money when comparing to other traditional ways of advertising or promotional channels, like TV, print ads or direct mails.

Direct responses
Email marketing motivates recipients to give direct responses by clicking-through to your website or replying your email. You can handle customer inquiries and gather customer feedback more easily. Email marketing helps you uncovering opportunities among your customer database.

Tracking and Reporting
Email Marketing provides you with Tracking and Reporting. It means you can check out the response rate of your email campaigns. You can check out who opened your emails, which links were clicked on most, which emails bounced and which emails were forwarded. You can now evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns by the real-time reports.



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