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Wing Ning Enterprise Co. Ltd. was established by a team of I.T. experts with comprehensive in 2005. Our company’s ambition is solve various I.T. problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. We would like to be a network maintain supplier, as an I.T. support team of customer.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a cost-effective communication channel between you and your customers. It provides one-to-one connection as you can personalize your email messages by addressing your customers’ names and sending them messages which are targeted to their interests.

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Services and Products
Network established
  You want to share the company's business information?
  A complete server-based settings, you can make the company's data processing more structured.
  Maintain the server, computer and printer and other device
Web Design
  Benefits with the company's Web site Ideal corporate image understanding products and services.
  E-mail marketing is a very cost-effective communication channels between you and your customers.
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